Sunday, October 23, 2011

Do Slimming Pills and Supplements Really Lead To Weight Loss?

We are now a nation of overweight people.

The terrible truth is that it has now become normal to be fat. In fact, more than half of us are now either clinically obese or very much overweight.

The epidemic of obesity that has swept through North America, the UK and Australia has brought with it a host of major health problems from diabetes to heart disease. Nowadays, being overweight and being sick has become the rule rather than the exception. It is now the norm.

Why are so many people now overweight?

Well, we don't need to be rocket scientists to understand that the reason is because we're consuming more calories than we burn. The fast paced, fast food lifestyle that so many of us are forced into fills our bodies with too much sugar, fat and salt.

Calorie-rich fast foods, convenience foods, snacks, candy bars and drinks laced with sugars and corn syrup all contribute to the pandemic of obesity that has now become the norm.

Rather than face this simple fact, many people prefer to bury their head in the sand(witches) and look for easy options that will enable them to continue with their old lifestyle yet magically reduce their weight.

Slimming supplements and slimming pills are now a multi-million dollar and multi-million pound industry full of hype and promises of an easy solution to being overweight.

What the manufacturers and purveyors of these products fail to advertise, of course, is that there is no real credible evidence that they work. In fact, everything seems to point to the fact that they make little or no difference when it comes to helping you reduce your weight, become slimmer or healthier.

Heavy marketing and advertising hype aside, these products simply do not have any reliable supporting clinical research to back up their amazing claims.

Despite this fact, people continue to buy these pills and potions in desperation, continuing to fuel the huge and ever-growing market for easy weight-loss products. What they refuse to accept is that while they are feeding the bank balance of manufacturers, they are simply wasting their own money.

We can lose weight naturally, without pills and supplements by becoming aware of what we eat and why we eat it in the way that we do.

Avoiding processed foods and sticking, as much as possible to whole foods, fresh fruit and vegetables can bring things back into balance. After all, when was the last time you saw someone get fat by eating too many carrots or apples?

Eliminating all simple sugars and eating complex carbohydrates, which help balance our blood sugar levels and stabilize our moods, can accelerate our weight reduction. In addition, we also need to avoid all hidden, saturated and trans fats.

It also helps, of course, if we engage in a regular program of exercise in order to burn off some of that stored energy that we call fat.

The real secret of weight loss lies not in gimmicky pills and supplements, but in altering our relationship with food. Hypnosis is an excellent way to achieve this.

Through the medium of hypnosis we can re-align the subconscious mind so that it works in harmony with our wishes, making healthy eating as natural as it was meant to be. And when we eat in the way that nature intended then we automatically reduce our weight, becoming slimmer, fitter and healthier.

Peter Field is a leading British hypno-psychotherapist, Fellow of the Royal Society of Health and creator of the revolutionary new 3 Step Hypnosis-Slimming System.

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