Friday, August 19, 2011

Inflatable Toys For Kids

We bought this bounce house with the money which from celebrating our 19 months of the twins from grandparents.We also have a five years old daughter,since we put it in our backyard ,our five years old daughter play around there almost every day. Now she is not interesting in her favourite soccer and gymnastics events .But the twins are as well as their sisters in this respect,they like to moveing around with their knees ,throwing balls and playing with their sisters up and down! The material for this thing is very durable .Using magic tape and zip is for preventing air leakage and making it good flexibille,in addition,it also attached a beautiful portable bag for you ,you can pack it up it when it leave unused!In a word ,it is the best gift we have never brought before.

We bought this bouncer nearly three months ,twins still enjoy playing in there now ,they always invite the kids in neighbour playing with them.

Many kids like like the real size of toys, they dream of a big size barbie dolls, bicycle , toy cabin ,as if there are real world . Bounce house which is a big inflatable toy makes the dream coming ture because it is big enough for kid moving around inside.

Inflatable castle is still the most popular inflatable toys nowadays ,especially exquisite design and with the elements of castle and palace , there is a place where the kids can play around whatever they like inside.

Besides of jumping ,there is other game which kids love be setting in the bounce house such as slides . Water slide or not , it is optional for you !Water slide is popular with kids , same as the one we can see in some water park or cities . The only difference between them is this type of slide not with green steel production. And it is a kind of aeration equipment that can let the child playing safe and comfortable!

Not only these inflatable slide, but also some inflatable bounce house be set some basketball hoop inside and the height is higher than kid so that they can play a wonder basketball in it.

There are some game similar with obstacle course game ,the rule is must runing continuously ,then jumping and climbing again .it is very popular in some kid party ,the winer will award the candy and Chocolate .Of course you can play with your kids or challenge yourself.

So, inflatable bounce house is more than just a jumping toy. It can be more fun when games combined with , even have a teaching effect. Your children and you are worth spending time in them. With it, what you can get is more than happiness staying with your children together,and a good sport for physical exercise . In general, it is you give the best gift for your kids.

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