Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fun and Easy Art Projects for Kids

Most children simply love to create art projects. Drawing, painting, and making crafts tend to be fun activities for children and wonderful methods to practice small motor skills and coordination. One added advantage is the fact that once your child learns to love art from a young age it becomes an appreciation that can be carried throughout the remainder of their life. If you'd like to help your child exercise his or her creative skills whilst enjoying a great time, here's two fun and easy art projects to try.

Art Utilizing the Hand

If you want a craft project that's fun, fast and inexpensive, it's hard to beat hand art. All you need is a pad of paper, a box of crayons, and your child's hand. The first thing to do is to take a crayon and trace around your own hand onto a piece of paper. Then, use your creativity to transform your hand tracing into something entirely different. Although most people have traced their hand and transformed it into a turkey during the Thanksgiving season as a child, there are plenty of other creative and fun things you can do. One example would be to draw a face within the palm portion and then make the fingers into a spiked hairdo. You might like to turn your paper upside-down after making the hand tracing. The fingers might become a space monsters legs or even an insect. This can be a creative and cheap way for you to spend an afternoon. Make sure that you take a couple of the child's favorite hand tracing pictures and display them in picture frames.

Paper Towel "Tie Dye" Project

Your youngster can create numerous pieces of dyed artwork through the use of some plain white paper towels, water, some rubber bands or twist-ties, paper clips, a few small bowls, plus some watercolor paints. Start by placing a vinyl tablecloth or plastic drop cloth over the table to protect the surface. Fold a plain white paper towel in a fan-fold fashion. Then, use the rubber bands, twisty-ties or paper clips to restrict the folds in a few areas. Pour a small amount of water in each bowl. Add a different color of watercolor paint to every bowl while using the brush. Dip different parts of the folded paper towel into every color. The paper towel absorbs the colored paints, and the locations that have the paper clips, rubber bands, and twist ties will remain white. When you have added enough different colors, blot the folded towel gently with clean paper towels to remove excess moisture. Then, take off the rubber bands, twisty-ties and paper clips to disclose the tie dye thing of beauty. Lay your beautiful creation flat to dry. You can also cover the painted paper towel using a clean paper towel and iron it to eliminate the folds. This beautifully colored tie dye art looks nice when displayed in picture frames, adding plenty of color and design to your room.

With some new ideas to try, have some fun getting your child going on an excellent project. Be sure to frame the end product so that it can be proudly displayed!

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