Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Burried Alive

Hoarding is an old disease which is on the increase everywhere around the world.

Compulsive accumulation does not discriminate, it strikes rich and poor, thin or obese. There are people who live in houses worthy of millionaires, which they filled with objects from top to bottom. Compulsive accumulation has captured the imagination of many people in A certain Canadian city last September, while a low-rent high-rise building was devastated by fire. Reports have also revealed that the public health department of the City had already expressed its concerns about the building where the fire started and had even ordered the complete cleaning of 20 of those apartments in the same building because of fire hazard reasons.

What causes people to become Hoarders?

This behavior is known as an obsessive-compulsive disorder. The sufferer builds up and is unable to get rid of various objects, which among normal people, could be deemed unnecessary. Compulsive accumulation can interfere with the normal operation of a house you cannot prepare food in the kitchen, sleep in your bed or use your bath because they are literally filled with objects. Finally, the compulsive accumulation exposes the sufferer and his family into considerable emotional pressure. The problem may not bother the person who is affected; however, it can cause anxiety among people who live under the same roof. What is it that causes a certain person to fill her home from top to bottom with objects enough to render it unsafe and uninhabitable? There is no absolute answer to this question. The first researches on this condition started only about 10 years ago. The experts, however, identifies several possible causes, including an obsessive-compulsive disorder, a loss or deep mourning, or a misconception of the real value of things.

Some solutions.

Unfortunately, hoarders are rarely seeking help. They often have little awareness of their problem. The majority of them do not see any problems living in a house filled with objects from the cellar to the attic. Some may even feel shame, and even had to suffer the reproaches of their family members, who could no longer take it anymore, who criticized them and even moved elsewhere because they could no longer live under those conditions. More advertising to publicize the affective disorder, especially thanks to two reality shows helped bring the problem to light. It all helps to encourage people to call for help. A woman on one of those reality show had two young children, her house was a real fire hazard place and unfit for children to live in. She was told by authorities to clean up or her children would be taken away from her. Guess what! They removed her children from her and she decided to keep her objects and let the children go. (this is how deep this problem is for those affected people. No easy solutions to this problem. This is a hard thing to comprehend. Throwing any of their things away will breaks their hearts! They really need help, but most of the time will refuse help. For the family, its like being buried alive, your life is put on hold. That is why the name of one reality show is called Burried Alive. Professional organizers do not have all the experience necessary to help compulsive accumulators. Those who can know that it's not enough to empty the house, put everything away and make it livable or soluble. We need to see things differently, to obtain harm reduction. Not allow objects to land on the stove or in the bathtub and bring the site at a level of cleanness and safety that complies with certain standards.

Finding help.

Rid the place of these items usually causes an intense despair among those affected. The relatives of these people should also not attempt to put order in secret, without the main interested person knowledge. This approach can be incredibly traumatic for those affected and researched has revealed that it does not work, often a trauma like this can cause medical problems, physical or cause serious mental health problems. You cannot carry out surprise attacks. It is recommended to work with a professional organizer, together with a therapist, so that the person can receive psychological support to overcome his or her problem and also benefits from concrete help to put some order in his or her life. The people living with such a person must be supported also. We must help them to practice techniques to encourage the person who suffers from compulsive accumulation without rejecting that person.

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