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Conceiving At The End Of The Month: Does This Produce A Boy Or A Girl Baby?

I sometimes hear from couples who are trying to gauge the right time of the month to try to conceive a girl or a boy baby. For whatever reason, many seem to see "the end of the month" as an optimal time. I often hear comments like: "if I have sex and conceive at the end of the month, will I get a girl or a boy baby? What date is best?"

The thing is, many that are asking the question actually mean different things. Sometimes, what they mean is conceiving at the end of the calendar month. So an example would be that they would be trying to conceive on August 31st or at the end of or last week of August (or any other month you want to use to fill in the blank.)

Other times, people are talking about the end of the month of their fertility or menstrual cycle. So they might mean at the end of their menstrual period or at the end of their fertility period (or when they believe that they have ovulated.) So, let's go over these scenarios one by one.

Conceiving at a certain time during a calendar month doesn't by itself make you more likely to conceive either gender. The reason for this is that the date of the calendar month doesn't have anything to do with when you've ovulated, whether the X or Y sperm fertilizes your egg, and what you've been eating. All of these things are very important and come into play, while the date on the calendar generally is not important and does not come into play.

Ultimately, the determining factor of whether you get a boy or a girl comes down to whether an X (girl) or Y (boy) fertilizes your egg. And the boy or girl producing sperm don't come out in greater numbers at the end of the month (or any other time during the calendar month.) They are in a roughly 50 / 50 ratio no matter what the calendar says.

However, the end of your menstrual or fertility month is an entirely different matter. The end of your menstrual cycle generally does not indicate ovulation or the ability to get pregnant. Most women have at least a week or more after the end of their period before ovulation is even possible. (Every women is different of course so this is not an absolute, but it's true for most women.)

Now, if you conceive at the end of your fertility cycle (which means you have sex and conceive after you've ovulated and your egg is ready to be fertilized) that does make you slightly more likely to conceive a boy because this timing is more favorable to the faster boy (Y) sperm that don't live as long. The Y's do better when you conceive later in the cycle because they don't have to wait for the egg (which is good if you want a son but not so good if you want a daughter.)

I hope this answered your question about conceiving late in the month. It often doesn't matter all that much whether it's the last week or the first week on the calendar. Ovulation can happen on any day of the month depending on the woman involved. And ovulation (as well as the optimal PH) are really the most important variables in choosing your baby's gender, no matter what the calendar says.

If you're still even a little confused, I've put together a couple of sites that walks you through this step by step. If you want a girl baby, check out If you want a boy baby, check out

Sandy Dean enjoys telling couples what they can try to choose their baby's gender at home.

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