Thursday, September 29, 2011

Celebrating Life With Style

Celebrating our families and our lives is just as important as celebrating a birthday or a holiday. Many times we get caught up in the fast pace of life that moments which could be celebrated pass us by faster than we would like to admit.

There are many ways to celebrate - some examples we are very familiar with are birthday parties, celebrating a holiday, an anniversary, or a graduation. However, each day can be celebrated with style just by making small changes in our routine, i.e., by using special pottery pieces to serve our every day meals, preparing food in a new way and making it gourmet.

We can create the special feelings of hospitality, warmth, and welcoming in our own homes with our families and friends. Using chef-selected foods, beautiful table top products, wine accessories, and lovely home decor to make moments stylish and memorable can be very easy and uncomplicated.

Gourmet food preparation can be made simple by using sauces, seasoning mixes, flavoring syrups, spreads, and specialty toppings. Many people hear the word gourmet and think it must be complicated. There are chef inspired foods which make it quite easy to have gourmet foods at home. Some examples are: place two teaspoons amount of Mountain Berry Wasabi Mustard Spread in a pretty little bowl to use a dip for pretzels. Or, use the Wasabi when cooking salmon for delicious compliment. Also, mix together a can of fire roasted tomatoes, black beans, and shoe peg with a packet of Summer Salsa Seasoning Mix for a delicious dip with corn chips.

Home decor products help to add a little more style to your home along with a touch of comfort to your family. Place a Compliment Jar on an end table as a pretty decorative piece which also serves as jar for collecting compliments you write about a family member or a friend. Imagine the good feelings this could generate to those special persons about whom the compliments are written. What a wonderful tradition for uplifting the people we love.

Serving dinner can be so special when a little attentional is given to presentation. When you present your family with a delicious meal served on beautiful pieces, they are bound to ask who is coming for dinner. When you tell your family this meal is for you because you are special, what an incredible relationship building moment.

Celebrating with style does not have to be complicated. Take a little time to celebrate each day with style!

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