Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Post College Survival Techniques

Clearing college comes with a feeling of achievement and relief for many after years of toil, late night studying and exams. Everybody leaves with the promise that comes with graduating; well paying jobs, financial independence and all the time in the world to do whatever you want. However this bubble quickly bursts when you realize that life out there is actually very difficult. The promise quickly turns to days of foreboding as jobs are harder to come by. Below are a few tips that can help you make this post college experience easier.

Avoid Debts
The credit cards booths installed in colleges are there for a reason; to make you spend. The college days are full of fun especially the numerous parties, camp outs and hikes. There is the silent war that is always in campuses, with competitions on who has the latest gadgets, shoes bags and the rest. You might graduate with thousands of dollars in credit card debts for things you could have done without. The trick is to avoid using the credit card as much as possible except for serious emergencies only. Note that latest pair of high heels is not an emergency at all. Opt for buying stuff using cash as it is far much more painful to hand over a stash of hundreds than a simple card swipe.

Take any Job
While many dream of landing a job the moment they graduate, this is very far from the truth. Jobs are very hard to come by, even the low paying ones. Getting a post college job in your field of interest may not be that easy. Since you need loose cash to take care of small expenses, it is recommended that you settle for any job that shows up to help pay your bills as you seek a better job elsewhere. As you seek your dream career, that shift at the restaurant will teach you a lot about working hard, interacting with people, saving money and organizing your time.

Keep contact
It is important to keep your inner circle of friends after college. Here are friends in campus that you were close with, and you would help each other out in the hard times. At this point in life, it is very important to know that the post college depression and stress you are facing is universal as been alone can be very depressing. You can meet up and exchange experiences.

Grad Schools
Though the idea of more studying does not appeal to many after years of grueling study, a grad course is not a bad idea after college. Though you may be cash strapped, may grad schools will offer tuition usually takes two or three more years, a period which can easily be wasted at home. Other than increasing your chances of getting a well paying job, it saves you the post college stress of hanging around the house trying to figure out what to do.

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