Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Choosing The Right Sleepwear For Your Young Child

When babies are very young, it is recommended to use a very old technique when it's time to put them to sleep. That is the swaddling technique. Swaddling offers the infant comfort, because for nine months, they were warmly cradled in their mother's womb, it's therefore, a familiar concept to them. Also, swaddling prevents them from scratching or punching their own faces when they get startled by a noise they heard.

Additionally, one thing that all parents must be cautious of, is that the baby's leg when swaddled remain naturally bent. This is essential for the baby to continue developing normally. There are some swaddle blanket brands that force the baby's leg to remain straight, and this could potentially be dangerous, since there have been studies linking babies that were forced to remain swaddled with straight legs and hip dysplasia.

There is no doubt that swaddling is a great technique, but like all great techniques, it must be done conscientiously and responsibly.

For older babies, especially the ones living in very cold areas, the perfect outfit to wear at night is a sleep sack. Why? Because it is safe, there is no risk of blankets going over their heads and they will stay warm inside the sack. Parents can go to sleep at night knowing that their young child is warm and safe. Sleep sacks are great gifts for parents-to-be because most parents will receive the traditional bodysuits, blanket, socks type of merchandise. Whereas, if a parent receives a sleep sack, this shows the parent that the gift was really thought out, and it will definitely be much more appreciated because they can be used for a long time.

When it comes to bed time, it is best to get the baby used to follow a routine from day one. A nice 8-10 minutes warm bath, followed by either putting a swaddle blanket or sleep sack on the baby, turning on the white background noise, followed by either sweetly and softly singing or rocking baby, or breastfeeding (or bottle feeding) will ensure the baby gets to know the routine that happens at night exactly right before he or she goes to sleep, which in the long run, will help the baby be happy about going to sleep, instead of fighting it or getting frustrated.

So, in conclusion, it's good to swaddle young babies, but it must be done the right away, it's not only great for babies, but great for parents too. And for older babies, sleep sacks is definitely the safest option there is to keep them nice and warm in those cold nights!

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