Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why home care agencies are considered a good option to receive LTC services

Some of us would prefer to stay at home most of the time because it is where we feel more comfortable and relaxed. But some adults, especially those who are old and do not have enough energy and may even be sickly, are forced to stay at a nursing home and adult day care facilities in order to be given the proper medical attention that they need. Thankfully, there are now home care agencies that allow individuals to still stay at their home while receiving their required LTC services.

Unlike nursing homes, in-home care lets the individual receive his long term care insurance policy benefits without living his family and community. He will be given companionship and assistance for their personal needs supervised by the assigned person to take care of them.

Practically, there are two types of services that are provided by the different in-home care agencies in the country. These are the custodial or skilled, and supportive or non-skilled services.

Supportive or non-skilled services are provided by non-medical agencies and usually offer help and assistance for the individual's personal needs such as bathing and grooming. They may also help with the preparation of meals, shopping, and even housekeeping if requested by the person or his family. The attending person or caregiver may also be asked to stay 24 hours a day, but must be informed on how long he will have to be on a round the clock duty.

On the other hand, custodial or skilled services are those that are being given by home care agencies and provide personal care, occupational and speech therapy, respiratory therapy, nursing care, and even social services and hospice care. The services are guided by a care plan that lists down the type of care and services that the person needs.

The services are done on a scheduled time, as advised or suggested by a physician. With proper care and attention, the health worker can help the person avoid unnecessary hospitalization and let him stay at home even if he has acute diseases.

Aside from the convenience that home health agencies give, the individual, as well as his family, has an assurance that his needs are well taken care of and are prioritized. The family does not have to worry about the condition of their loved one because they can observe and watch how the health workers treat him. They are also regularly updated and well informed of the progresses and other concerns that he might have.

One important thing to remember when choosing an in-home health agency is to make sure to inquire or ask the agency how they select and manage their caregivers and other staff. It is essential in order to be secured and assured that the staff that they will send to you knows his job and will not do anything that may harm the patient or his family.

Payment for home care agencies are often out-of-pocket or from the personal savings of the individual. The charges, however, vary. Some companies charge their clients per day while some prefer a per hour basis.

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