Friday, August 26, 2011

How to Buy Washing Machine Parts

Most people have a washing machine and have experienced a break-down in that machine at some time or another. Very often it is not until something breaks down that we really appreciate the convenience the machine affords us. Having to wash clothes by hand like grandmother did will soon send you scurrying for the phone and the spare parts manufacturer for your machine.

It is not difficult to buy washing machine parts; however, it may be a little more difficult to pull that machine down and find out exactly what part is broken. If you are a true handyman, then this may not be anything to worry about, but for those who are not used to anything mechanical then it could pose a problem. The best thing to do is to get that repairman in to do the job and tell you what is needed.

Once you know what part you need you can then go ahead and buy it. This need not be difficult if you have a computer and Internet connection. There are many spare parts stores online; all you need is the name and model number of the part to order it and it will usually arrive on the doorstep within a few days.

You might be wondering if it is really worthwhile buying online as there is the freight to consider. But don't forget that your bricks and mortar stores also have to pay freight on the parts they get - and they then pass that cost on to you, as well as their other overheads. By buying parts online you can often get steep discounts as online stores do not have to pay staff or rent for a shop front. And often they will give you free freight if the cost of your purchase is over a certain amount.

When you go to buy anything online you have to make sure you choose a reputable site and one that has a return policy, just in case the goods you buy are not right. You will need to look for signs that your chosen online store is safe and secure with the payment pages encrypting your payment details. Look for the URL starting https; the s on the end means it is secure. Another way to tell is the padlock symbol on the bottom right of the page. And don't forget to read all the terms and conditions first.

You can also buy washing machine parts from a bricks and mortar store - if you can find one nearby. You will often have to end up ordering it at the store and then going back to collect it when it finally arrives, as many stores do not keep any but the most common parts now. They do this to reduce their own costs as it is no point them carrying a lot of parts that may well not be needed. They could sit on the shelf for years until that model appliance went out of date and then they would never get sold.

However you choose to buy parts, once you have the right part you may be able to install it yourself, or you may have to get that repairman back in to do the job.

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