Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Creating the Perfect Finches Nest

When creating a finches nest it is very important to know what will be beneficial in terms of size and materials. Creating it is easy and affordable you've just got to know how. Remember that for a finch building a nest is about safety and shelter.

You can purchase premade nests from most retailers, and also on the internet. Some are boxes made out of wood while others are more like circular baskets, made of natural materials hand woven. They are popular because they look like they do in the wild.

You can get nests which go on the inside of the cage but to save space get one that attaches to the outside and where the top can be opened.

This will guarantee the young ones are safe and secure after hatching and also means after cleaning it can be air dried. It will be cleaner and more reusable in the future. Cleaning also prevents disease.

They are originally tropical birds so you might consider a 'finch nest box'. It is wooden with a hole on one side which allows enough air in but keeps the adults and young finches warm at night.

A double finch nest is good for saving space. It is a box with a partition dividing it. Remember though, not to give this kind of nest to two territorial finches.

You can recreate how a finches nest is in the wild by finding a tray and filling it with soil and grass seeds. Wait for them to grow, let the finches build their nest and then put it in the cage.

When it comes to materials for the finches nest you can use things collected from around your home or purchased. By instinct a finch will collect anything when building the interior of its nest so make sure the materials are clean, safe and natural.

Synthetics are bad for the health of your finch. Also make sure, if you're using string or threat to cut it into small pieces with no unwanted excess, so they won't get tangled up in it.

Make the finches nest sturdy enough on the outside but soft enough on the inside. They like to line their nests with feathers so it's worthwhile having a good supply available. Feathers of various types can be purchased at affordable prices online and also from pet stores.

All finches have their own unique personalities and this will come through in how they build their nests. Each new nest may be slightly different from the last.

Remember to avoid constant handling of their eggs. They are made with tiny pores that allow the chick enough air. By touching the eggs too much you are cutting down the finches air supply quite a lot which will be bad for their health.

Building your finches nest is easy and affordable. It is possible to create a happy, healthy environment for them, you've just got to know the best materials to use, the one's to avoid, and what will keep your finches happy.

Joe has been an owner of these beautiful and hardy little birds for years. He has purchased, raised and bred a variety of finches. To learn more about keeping finches as pets checkout caringforfinches.com here.


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